Business Opportunity

Green: Turnover       Purple: Advertising     (Euro’s)


This could be your homebusiness!

If you are reading this you are probably looking for a way to make money working from home. Perhaps you lost your job and cannot find another or you just like to be your own boss. I am sure you have seen the get rich schemes on the Internet.

I have and tried many but basically they don’t work or work too little.

So, how did I manage to setup a workable homebased business?

First I have tell you my story……

About three years ago the company I worked for for 15 years had to become smaller due to the economic crises. There were no place for me anymore and I had to leave and that means no income.

I could not pay my mortgage or any other bills anymore. It got so bad that the bank started foreclosing procedures. In the meantime I was desperately looking for a job but at my age it was impossible. Then I started selling my private things; my car and computers and so on.

I then come across a box of electronic parts and offered them to people and to my surprise sold all within a short period of time. I found some more in the recycling and sold them also.

This was no genius on my part but pure coincidence.

This got me thinking, if I can buy this from the recycling in bigger quantities and sell in bigger quantities I can make a living. In the first couple of months I sold but did not make much money.

Then I discovered Google Adwords. You can see on the statistic when this happened.

At first I kept my advertisingcost low but noticed that if I use good keywords the sales follows. The problem was to find out which keywords sells well and which only cost money.

You can see on the statistic above how my advertisingcosts rose and fell.

I now have welltested keywords and my turnover is a steady €7500 per month with a profit of €2500. 

All this from a product that I found very cheaply in recycling companies and that people did not do anything with.

Now why am I offering this to you, why not keep it to myself and make more money?

Because it is a physical product that have to be shipped and because of the language.

If I ship from Holland to Germany it takes one week and the customers will not wait that long for delivery. Also you have to answer their questions and I just do not speak that many languages.

The only way for me to make more money is to offer it to you to do this in your own country.

Of course once I tell you the idea you can copy it and do not need me anymore.

You can, but that would be economically  unwise.


I told you Google Adwords are the key and I have research the best keywords to use.

I will even help you setup your ads in Google and entered the successful keywords.

You will also need me to supply you with stock until you can find it in your own country.

I will also give you a fully functional website with all the products entered and ready to go.

The product is a bit also technical and I will explain all to you.

How much do you have to invest to become the owner of a proven, successfull homebusiness?

My market is about 20 million people and I make a monthly profit of €2500.

I think 2 months (€5000) profit is reasonable and very fair.

Therefore depending on the population of your country I would calculate it in a similar way.

But the amount I ask can be earned back in a couple of months!

Unfortunately I cannot show you you pictures of fast cars, beautifull houses and yachts but I can show you how to make a decent living with lots of free time and all from your own home!

If you need more information or want to speak to me you can always mail me or call me directly.